FAQ Users

What about free themes?

We are focused on providing high quality themes for professional use where ongoing development support is important, which is why Superthemes is a premium theme search engine.

Do you reference PSD themes?

We want you to get using the theme as soon as possible, so we list ready-to-use themes, and don’t list PSD themes.

Do you provide search by color?

You can already use colors in the Keyword search. However, we are working on a more extensive search by color feature. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about these types of developments.

Does SuperThemes make its own themes?

No, we are using our superpowers for making SuperThemes the best theme search engine.

How can I report a problem with a theme?

Please contact the theme seller directly. SuperThemes doesn’t provide technical support for the themes sold.

If a theme referenced on SuperThemes is no longer available, please contact us by email and we will remove it.


FAQ Themes makers

Do you have an advertising program?

Not yet, but feel free to contact us by email if you are interested in advertising on this site.

How can I add my theme to SuperThemes?

Please contact us by email and provide the details of your affiliate program. If your theme matches our quality criteria, it will be added very soon.

How can I modify information about my theme?

Please contact us by email.

How can I remove my theme from SuperThemes?

Please contact us by email and give us the proof that you’re the author of the theme.